Sunday, October 4th 2020
3.30 PM - 5 PM
with Walter and Deede Fletcher

Meet the Fletchers
Deede Fletcher
For over 40 years Deede has devoted her life to pastoral ministry by edifying, uplifting & motivating God’s people. She serves as pastoral leader along side her husband, Dr. Fletcher at Hebron Covenant Community
where they are equipping the Body of Christ with hope and purpose.

Deede has worked as a pastoral counselor for 10 plus years, enabling individuals as well as couples to manage and overcome life’s many challenges. She encourages and cultivates positive change within her clients by helping them gain a healthy self worth and identify tools for personal growth.

She obtained a wealth of knowledge from studying at Berean Bible College in San Diego. From there she went on teach at the School of Christian Ministries, whereshe was awarded an Honorary Diploma of Theology for her years of excellence in ministry and teaching. Later on, she received her counseling certification from the International Institute of Faith Based Counseling.
Deede is a strong and compassionate woman of God with the innate ability to comfort, encourage and educate her clients and community. Due to her diverse and international ministry experience, she brings such a rich understanding of multi-cultural dynamics. Through her wisdom and teachings she brings messages that offer hope and healing to all.

Dr. Walter Fletcher
Serving as Pastor, teacher and counselor, Dr. Walter Fletcher is a Kingdom man who is recognized for his wisdom, counsel and gift of spiritual direction. He leads diverse body of followers at Hebron Covenant Community where worship and the Word are always a central point of when they gather together. With over 40 years of ministry experience, he along side his wife Deede have traveled across the world spreading the Word of God. Offering messages of hope, healing and reconciliation within the body of Christ.

Dr. Walter holds a Master & Doctorate in theology, along with a counseling certification from the International Institute of Faith Based Counseling. His knowledge and insight on God’s Word is shared both in religious and non traditional settings where people are engaging to make positive and cultural differences.

He is also a noted author, journalist, artist and master sculptor. Having written Recovering the Soul and contributing to Revival Study Bible, he additionally contributes his journalistic abilities to the HCC blogpost, where he provides articles that motivate and uplift the community.

Dr. Walter is a great husband, father, encourager, mentor and leader, who truly loves God and has been called for such a time as this.

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